About Us

Being from a suburb of one of the largest most populated cities on the planet , reptiles are not something that are seen very often. If one manages to be spot on, they are most likely just a small lizard or other common backyard neighbor we share with.jack and the beanstalk slot frankie dettoris magic seven slot We like to show what other species exist across the planet along with what we share in our back yards native to the United States by entertaining and giving a reptile show of what magnificent animals reptiles truly are.


Rain or shine at our kids reptile parties / shows we will provide an excellent source of fun facts and information that will be educational and interesting for all to enjoy. We will give the opportunity to provide a hands on experience and get to meet our friendly reptiles. We understand reptiles are not everybody’s common idea when they think of a friendly animal, but our goal is to leave your show with hopefully changing your mind if once frightened of a reptile, to a better understanding that reptiles can be a very fun animal to know about. If you were already a fan of reptiles just simply be prepared to be entertained by the amazing animals we share this world with, the REPTILES.

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We provide our reptiles for shows, special events such as school functions, carnivals, fairs, business gatherings, concerts, performances, movies and photo shoots. Any event, small or large, we can make it happen.


Invite us and our reptiles friends out to entertain the crowd at your next gathering, birthday party, graduation, supriseparty, or any get together you’d feel you’d want that extra entertainment and we’ll bring the reptile party to you.


Over ten years of Specializing in breeding different species of reptiles from all around the world even native to the the U.S. “Many reptiles available for purchase as well”

Our story

At an early age I found my interest in reptiles, it eventually grew to the love I have for these animals today. Not only is this my passion I would like to share this experience with others in helping them to better understand the place of reptiles in the ecosystem.

Since then I have not stopped and continued to grow my personal collection and interest of reptiles. I hope to pass down the hobby and interest to my children along with many more children and anyone who shows interest or would like to learn more about these amazing animals. So what is a better way to have a fantastic time being entertained while educated than having a kids reptile party come to you.


$220/1 hr

10-12 animals
-30 Min Presentation
-Hands on Experience
-One on One with Animals

$250/1.5 hrs
(Most popular)

-15 animals
-30 Min Presentation
-Hands on Experience
-Live question and answer
-One on One with Animals

$350/ 3 hrs

-Up to 25 Animals
-1 hour Presentation
-Hands on Experience
-Live question and answer
-Great options for schools
-One on One with Animals